Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Black Soap Bar

Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Black Soap Bar

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Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Essential Oil come together in this bar to lather, bubble and cleanse. Activated Charcoal has long been known to have great effects on our skin and Tea Tree oil is the big daddy of essential oils for your skin. This bar is non-drying yet removes excess oil and dirt that can contribute to break outs. Use this on your face or like some customers, all over your body.

- Can benefit all skin types
- Activated Charcoals pulls out toxins
- Face and Body Bar

All UnTamed Soaps are made with a blend of oils and vegetable derived moisturizers and proteins. All soaps are scented with only %100 Pure Essential Oils.


UnTamed Natural Care does not make any medical claims. Please read ingredients before using. Always store natural products in a cool and dry place.

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Customer Reviews

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Only Soap You will ever need

I love it for my face, my husband loves it for his body, my kid uses it all over. We just can't get enough of it. I know tea tree isn't for everyone but to me it smells so good.

Black & Beautiful

Don't be turned away from this black charcoal soap because of its color. It does not stain and it is easy to wash off! Amazing for cleansing my prone acne skin. I tend to have a lot of excess oil too, so this bar here, is my best friend. Helps me get rid of dirt and toxins 100%.

Home made

I love how my skin feels after using this soap so clean and fresh !

Best charcoal soap

I bought this for my son, and he loves it! He's face is so clear!

my every day

I started to use this just as a face wash but it helped my skin so much i now use it all over. I really like that these don't melt away in the shower like other bars of soap.