About Us


UnTamed naturals family with 3 kids and husband.

Generational wellness essentials for you, for them, for us. Sharing is at the core of our families, we share recipes, pass down remedies and now we can share personal care staples too! 

In 2012, Gisela's husband was diagnosed with cancer just three weeks after their first son was born. Bouncing from pediatricians and oncologists she learned so much but when she went to apply her new knowledge she felt it was out of reach in more ways than one. 

The products on the shelf weren't family friendly, contained harsh and toxic ingredients or were way, way out of her middle class budget. In 2017, after years of learning and researching, Untamed Naturals was created. Latina owned, USA made and family operated. We offer plant based, sustainable and cruelty free products FOR YOU, FOR THEM, FOR US.

Born out of a desperate mama's need for clean, safe and accessible, family friendly products, we hope Untamed Naturals becomes a staple in your family like it is in ours.