About Us

The "good stuff" can be for everyone. My name is Gisela and I am the one woman show behind UnTamed Natural Care. In September of 2012 I was blessed with becoming a mother and shortly after was faced with my husband's Cancer diagnosis; this is when it truly hit me, "the good" stuff was more necessary to our well being than I ever imagined. 

     I started converting everything in our home to cleaner products only to realize, we couldn't afford it. But how could I go back to using all the toxic stuff the doctors themselves told us not to use anymore? Know better do better kicked in and UnTamed was born, always with quality and affordability in mind. I now lead the way to healthier and more natural food and product choices for my family. 

     My current obsession, the cleansing grains, I just love how they leave my skin. My three kiddos love the soaps and the Calendula Balm is a must-have for them. My husband is all about the Detox Mask, yea, even more than me actually! I hope you and your family find a favorite also and that UnTamed products become a staple in your home like they are in mine. Thank you and happy shopping.