all natural, vegan, plant based scented in neroli essential oil
For the Glow moisturizer all natural, vegan, plant based.

For The Glow Facial Moisturizer

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✔️ Plant based ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️ Eco Conscious

Don't just moisturize your skin, nourish it with our For The Glow Facial Moisturizer. Our moisturizer boasts oil power houses that can help alleviate overly dry skin, may help with eczema and are even suitable for those who suffer from acne!

Use For The Glow as your daily, facial moisturizer. Apply a small amount to cleansed skin. This moisturizer should be the last product in your skincare routine.

- Sea Buckthorn, Grape Seed Oil and Rice Bran Oil are all rich in fatty acids, think Omega 6 and 9 for your skin. They also have antioxidant properties which help with protect and repair the skin.

- Lecithin - Provides your skin with good and essential fats.

- Vegetable Glycerin - Helps your skin retain moisture

- Vitamin E - Can help minimize the appearance of scars and fine lines

- Neroli Essential Oil - Smells AMAZING of course but also is known to help with your complexion.


UnTamed does not make any medical claims. Please read all ingredients before using products. Always store natural products in cool and dry places.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love This!!!

This is the first product I tried and I’m so happy that I did😊 It is sooo good!!! It will definitely make your skin glow !!!

Hydration without the heaviness!

This moisturizer is INCREDIBLY hydrating without being too oily or heavy. I truly can’t wrap my mind around how it can be both! It’s perfect! I have combination skin and use it all over my face. It fixes the dry spots, but doesn’t leave my oily anywhere!

The BEST for my rosacea

I'm so careful with face products because everything makes my rosacea act up but this little pot of gold helped me so much. I just subscribed to this moisturizer, it has become the only thing that helps with redness. If you're struggling with your skin, buy this product, you're not gonna regret it.

Love this stuff

I use this every morning after I wash my face. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft all day.

it's in the name!

super hydrating; perfect for my extra dry skin & i love putting this on my face before i go to sleep :)