The Ultimate Guide to Natural Self-Care for Busy Families (Without Breaking the Bank!)

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Self-Care for Busy Families (Without Breaking the Bank!)

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Self-Care for Busy Families (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Juggling work, school, activities, and the general chaos of family life can leave even the most namaste peeps feeling frazzled. But amidst the chaos, prioritizing natural self-care for you and your family is vital for long-term health and happiness. But guess what, you don't actually need the fancy spa treatments or expensive routines to achieve it! Here are 5 simple and easy tips to minimize chaos and maximize a natural healthy lifestyle in your busy home:

1. The Power of 5 Minutes: Reality means not always making it to that hour long gym session and that's ok. 5 minutes, take just 5 minutes to walk your garden, to sip your coffee, to stretch, to sit in silence. Little changes over time can make a huge impact. This also applies to quality time with others. 5 minutes of full attention listening to your kiddo tell you about school or your mom vent about her neighbor. Just 5 minutes can make a huge difference.

2. Get Outdoors: Not an anti screen tip buuuuttt ditch the screens and get outside! Explore your neighborhood, choose to have dinner on your patio once a week or just sit on your driveway and soak up the sun. When is the last time you took in a gorgeous sunset? Fresh air and vitamin D will do your body and mood good! 

3. Mealtime as a Family Affair: Choose a veggie you want to help prep but you have to eat it! Now that's a compromise. Kids are often so excited to partake in cooking that just by having them help with any part of the process revs up their excitement and makes them more likely to eat! Also, spending those few minutes with them can help you everyone feel like you've slowed down and really spent some time together. 

4. DIY Pampering: If we could have a masseuse on call, we would but that doesn't mean we can't throw on a face mask, do a foot soak or take a long bath. Let your family join and give each other mini manis and pedis. Make memories, spend time together and have a good time, winning!

5. Sleep is Not Being Lazy: Prioritize sleep for everyone, moods and attitudes are all around so much better when everyone is rested. Think toddlers when they skip their naps, YIKES! Take guilt-free naps, go to bed early, put that phone on DND and call it day. Sleep is essential, the end.

Remember: Consistency is key! Some of these sound so simple yet when is the last time you consistently did them? Small changes implemented daily can have a huge impact on your family's overall well-being. Best of all, every one of these is easy, affordable and can truly be enjoyable for everyone.

Have any other suggestions for us? Comment them and share!

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