Maskne and 3 ways to prevent it

Maskne and 3 ways to prevent it

Sweat, excess moisture, smelling your own, not so fresh breath, these are all things that come with wearing a face mask and as we know, masks aren't going anywhere any time soon. You know what else is also sneaking up on us, maskne. Yep, mask caused acne, also known as maskne, is showing up in numbers to make an already hard situation worst. Below are some things you can do to help prevent maskne. 

1) Wash your mask. No seriously, masks aren't meant to be like your favorite sweater that you can wear over and over with no problem. In order to be effective  you have to do your part and stay on top of washing them routinely. This will prevent bacteria, dirt and excess oil from accumulating in the fibers of your mask and making its way to your skin. 

2) Apply a rich and non comedogenic moisturizer before wearing your mask. Licensed estheticiam Lucy, of Lybanna Skincare points out that applying a good moisturizer can create a protective barrier on your skin which won't just keep maskne causing bacteria out but will also help soothe your skin and prevent any chaffing or irritation as these are also common problems that can occur when wearing different types of face masks. 

3) Cut back on the makeup, no brainer right? All that primer, foundation and so on can add to your skin's maskne struggles. Your skin needs to breathe and since that is quite difficult when you're wearing a mask, make it easier for your complexion by opting for no make up when you can. Stick to some mascara and eyeliner, I mean that's all people can see when you have your mask anyway right? Winning! 

If you're wearing masks often and having other skin troubles like redness, inflammation or irritation, Lucy also suggests gently icing down the affected areas after removing your mask and easing up on any harsh skincare products as your skin will be more susceptible. Better days will come and when we're mask free again maskne will be a thing of the past but for now these 3 tips can definitely help your complexion. For more tips and info on maskne and all things skin, visit Lybanna Skincare's IG page and give it a follow!

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