Layer Weather For Your Skin

Layer Weather For Your Skin

Are you starting to throw on a sweater, maybe even a coat? Layering up and protecting yourself from the cold comes naturally, you just know when you're going to need that extra long sleeve but did you know your skin sometimes works this way also?

Layer on your skincare as the colder weather sets in to prevent from getting caught in the middle of winter with dry, red and even painful skin. Layering in a skincare routine means adding in more products to keep your skin protected for what's to come, in this case we mean the COLD. During fall and winter it can be a good idea, especially for dry and combination complexions, to incorporate an extra serum or face oil right before their usual moisturizer. For example, using the Rose Face Serum after your toner but before the Pura Magia can help give your skin an extra layer of moisture, vitamins and protection against harsh weather.

Doubling down on moisture rich products may also help with issues like itchiness, eczema and irritation. Many times these are all made worst by winter weather so extra protection is a must!

As a reminder, always cleanse first then apply your skincare products in order from thinnest consistency, like a liquid toner, to thickest, like a creamy moisturizer. This order helps assure your skin will absorb all the products correctly and reap maximum benefits. 

Got questions on layering up? Leave a comment, we're here to help! 

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  • Kristina

    This stuff works great.. I love it and it helps with deep wrinkles.. I have already notices a difference after 1 day of use..

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