Intention, what is it and how do you do it?

Are you hearing the word INTENTION more and more? It seems like it has become a huge buzz word and everyone is all about it right? But what is it? I mean we all know what intention means but how are people applying it to their daily lives and why has operating with intention become such a popular thing? In the age is self care moving with intention is vital.
Intentions are the guides to your ultimate goals. When you set your intentions and operate through them they take you to where you want to go. Intentions are the way to manifest the greatness you want to achieve and can be applied to everything from from career goals, to relationships, your own body and more. 
Want to start moving with intention and manifesting your best life? Here are a few ways you can start, like today, like right now. 
1) Actively and daily live in the present. This means stop thinking of the past or sweating about the future. Do the best you can NOW and make choices that will lead you to your ultimate passions. 
2) Manifest away. Yes, say your intentions out loud, write them, set them as reminders on your phone. Make your intentions so present so as to keep them on the forefront of your mind always.
3) Create rituals that will facilitate your intentions and help you move forward. For some its waking up early, for others it's reading daily or listening to a podcast that motivates them. Let these rituals become healthy habits that fall directly in line with your intentions. 
4)) Be flexible, intentions are meant to guide you to your ultimate goals but as we all know, life happens right? That is the beauty of moving with intention, there is no start or finish, there is just progress and you control it so be patient with yourself and flexible with your journey. 
Still need some more clarity? Here are a few examples of intentions you can apply starting today. 
- I intend to see the positive in things and in people.
- I intend to put my mental health first.
- I intend to focus more on myself and less on others. 
- I intend to dedicate time to my craft daily. 
- I intend to celebrate my wins, no matter how small.
- I intend to stop sweating the small stuff. 
See a trend? Set your own intentions, manifest them out, operate through them and watch your best self come through. Would love to hear your intentions in the comments! 

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