Ingredient Spotlight - Coconut Oil

It's thick, fluffy and can make your next dish taste so yummy but does it belong on your face? We're gonna say, NO.
Coconut oil, like the kind you're buying at the grocery store, has a high comedogenic rating meaning its one of the oils that can clog your pores the most. That's the reason why you won't find it in any of the UnTamed facial products. If you've used it and it worked for you, awesome but overall this shouldn't be a go to for your complexion, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. It traps everything in the pores including excess oil, eeww right? 
What you can use is fractionated coconut oil, this oil is a thin liquid that has been distilled and broken down so the good fats don't clog your pore. This is also makes a great carrier oil for diluting essential oils. This oil is less common than the thick, solid stuff we find at our local market. 
But wait, don't toss that jar of coconut oil away just yet. Here are some things you CAN use coconut oil for.
- Hair and scalp, when using the right amount coconut oil can moisturize your hair and treat overly dry scalps.
- Dry skin that is not on your face. You can use it for rough patches on your legs, arms and feet for some extra moisture.
- Use a tiny dab on your pucker to help heal dry and chapped lips
- When in doubt, just cook with it!

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