Hydration Vs Moisture

The only thing that can hydrate your skin is water. A little louder for those in the back. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN HYDRATE YOUR SKIN IS WATER!!!!
Before dropping cash on the next dry skin fix, remember that if you are looking for hydration the product has to contain water or an ingredient that is hydrous, meaning it contains water itself.
Oils and butters do not contain water, ever. These ingredients are must-haves when moisturizing is the goal and can themselves seal your skin so it retains water but they cannot provide hydration themselves as they are anhydrous ingredients, meaning they don't contain any water at all. 
Luckily for us, your dehydrated skin can sometimes have a super easy fix, drinking lots and lots of water! Yep, lemon water, ice water, plain water, whatever, just drink lots of it. Aside from being a must-have for our body overall, upping your water game can help quickly restore your skin. Also, remember that things like alcohol and too much caffeine can mess with your skin so if you've been drinking lots of either, stand up and go chug some water like now.
If you are looking for a product, I recommend something like hyaluronic acid, it binds to the water already in your skin and prevents you from losing it. Use it daily in combination with your regular skincare like For the Glow and our Rose Face Serum, they each help moisturize your skin with nothing but the good stuff. 
So things to remember,
Moisture = Oils and Butters 
Hydration = Water!!!!
And this is the cheapest form to hydrate the best way, from the inside out.

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