Green Beauty Buzzwords Broken Down

Green Beauty Buzzwords Broken Down

The green beauty boom has been happening for some time now but are you clear on what it all means? You know the labels, the commercials, the endless marketing behind it all. It all sounds so great but WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Let us break down some of the more common green beauty terms so that next time you're on the hunt for a green beauty buy, you know exactly what you're getting.



How easy is it for you to get your hands to this good product? Triple digit prices that can only be bought in a certain part of town and in shops where they aren't shopper friendly is NOT accessible. From pricing to better trained staff, accessible skincare means you aren't jumping through hoops for it.

Cruelty Free 

Assures you that every ingredient listed on the label wasn't tested on animals. No fur babies had to suffer for your moisturizer. Think PETA and Leaping Bunny. 

Eco Conscious 

Usually refers to packaging and production. Can you recycle or reuse? Can you do something with it other than tossing it? Is the planet worst off because of this product? This can apply to everything from the shipping supplies used to the packaging of the actual product and it's ingredients.

Green Beauty

Typically refers to skincare and cosmetic products that contain naturally occurring ingredients instead of lab made. 


Does the product, brand, company make a effort to include everyone regardless of gender, color, socio economic level and so on? For example, does your favorite makeup brand offer that foundation in darker shades or are they only interested in appealing to a certain palette of customers?

Non toxic

Ingredients that are deemed safe and clean. This can and does include many safe synthetics. Non toxic doesn't mean natural it just means that there are no known negative side effects to what is in the product.


Grown without the use of GMO's, pesticides, antibiotics and all that other stuff. FYI, per the FDA, only a certain portion of the product has to meet these standards in order for a company to market it as organic. 

Plant based 

Majority of this product has ingredients that came from plants. It doesn't mean it can't have animal byproducts or a synthetic ingredient, it just means that the base of it comes from plants. For example, a balm containing beeswax can be plant based if the bulk of the ingredients are from plants.


Refers to green, eco friendly and all around clean products. Products who's production we are able to sustain in a way that doesn't harm the planet. This term can be applied to skincare, fashion, food and so on.


No animal products or by products so no honey, no goat's milk, no tallow. This label is telling you more about what is NOT in the product than what is. Vegan is not synonymous with clean, safe or non toxic. It only refers to a lack of animal by products.


It's your body, your family and your money. Read past the savvy marketing and when in doubt, just turn the bottle around. Reading the full list of ingredients is always the best way to make an educated purchase. 

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