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Do's and Don't for Homeschooling During in a Pandemic

It's the first day of school, your alarm goes off, you jump out of bed, get the kids up and ready only to remember it's 2020 and you aren't going anywhere.

Many of us are in the same boat, basically sick to our stomachs at the thought of being full time mommas and teachers this up coming school year. Add to that the fact that many of us are also working from home or have younger children to care for or BOTH, I mean just reading this is making you sweat a little right? I'm here to remind you that not only are you not alone in this but that your fears and worries are also my own. I asked for advice from my UnTamed Natural Care Instagram community and received some advice that I already know is going to help us all. Check out some Do's and Don'ts for homeschooling, distance learning or online education or whatever we're calling it, during a pandemic. 


- Have a plan. Create a routine so that everyone involved knows what to expect every day. Your plan should include breaks, for all our sake, don't forget the breaks!

- Lay out ground rules and enforce them. At school there are consequences for acting out, not completing assignments and so on, let your kiddos know that this is still the case. They are still responsible for their work, behavior and attitude. 

- Focus on quality over quantity. Such a cliche I know but getting one quality project completed is better than getting several, all over the place assignments. It's not about having "school" be in session for hours on hours because that's just not realistic. 

- Be prepared. Have your devices charged, your pencils sharpened, your workspace cleaned up. Clutter and lack of organization will get everyone flustered and you'll quickly lose focus.


- Try not to sweat the small stuff, remember even in classrooms with professional teachers kids giggle and have to pee in the middle of a lesson, it's normal. They will always be thirsty, hungry, have a question and need to tell you something, always. 

- Be patient with them and with yourself, seriously this is a BIG one. This experience will be new to us all and getting worked up or frustrated will only make the load heavier and harder. Some days will be better than others, that's ok and it's gonna be ok. 

- Don't hesitate to try new things, be flexible. Go outside and hold an afternoon session under a tree. Allow for more tablet time, look up story time on youtube  and just let yourself think outside the box. Trust, there isn't a perfect way to do this. 

- Over expect, ugh so hard right? I know I am not alone when I say I'm scared my boys are going to fall behind and hello, I'm going to be to blame right? Wrong, so wrong. Do your best and ask that they do theirs, that's all any of us will be able to do.


Are you feeling a little more ready yet? Just remember, we're all in the thick of it together, no momma left behind! Got any tips of your own you want to share? Comment and drop them below because man oh man do we all need them! 


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