5 Ways to Adapt Your Skincare To Cooler Seasons

5 Ways to Adapt Your Skincare To Cooler Seasons

Warm temps are making their way out, the cool and crisp of fall is moving in and you're noticing your skin is changing along with the seasons. We're giving you 5 ways to adapt your skincare to cold weather, prevention is key so you'll want to start doing these now! 


Layer Up

Double down and layer those hydrating and moisturizing products. One huge concern with colder weather is that it dries our skin out, prevent this by adding an extra boost of hydration and moisture to your routine like a serum or face oil. Layer it on before the thick, cream moisturizer for maximum absorbency. Remember, always apply all skincare products in order from thinnest to thickest. 


Exfoliate Less

Yes, I know we love that clean, scrub feeling but during cooler climate you may want to cut back on it. Too much exfoliation can make your dry skin worst and instead of gently removing dead cells you may be removing good oils and causing untimely peeling. Exfoliating 2 days a week should work just fine for most skin types but if your skin is extra dry, just once a week please.


Water Temps

When its cold out it's so tempting to opt for hot water during showers but don't. Keep your water lukewarm, especially when washing your face. The hotter the water the more it strips away your natural oils. Some signs that your water is too warm can manifest as itching, dry and even flaky skin. This goes for your face, body and even your scalp. Overly hot water on a daily basis can be the culprit behind lots of pesky skin issues.


Switch Up Your Masks

Cooler weather calls for soothing and hydrating face masks. Clay masks are a must all year long but adding a mask that will nourish your skin is vital during fall and winter. Look for ingredients like vitamin c, honey and hyaluronic acid. Using masks with these ingredients can help fight off cold weather dryness and soothe existing skin issues. 


Drink Up

It's not as hot and we aren't sweating all day but drinking water is still super important. Hydrating your skin from the inside out can be more powerful than any skincare product out there, seriously. The holidays bring lots of wine and champagne so make sure that you're staying on top of your water consumption as alcohol majorly dehydrates your body and ages your skin like eeeww. 


As always, listen to your skin, be patient and adjust as you must. 


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