3 Reasons Why Oils Are Your Friend, Even If You Have Oily Skin

3 Reasons Why Oils Are Your Friend, Even If You Have Oily Skin

Do you guys remember when oil free was the way to be? Every product that was pushed on us told us oil was evil. These products then harshly removed it from our skin but then, why, oh why were we still so OILY!!!

Your skin naturally produces oil, for some more than others. In either case, the correct way to go about it is not to strip your skin of its natural oil or drown it in synthetic products but rather to help you naturally balance your own oil production. Here is how:

1) If you have oily skin, stripping your skin of oil by over washing or using harsh and sometimes toxic products will end up making your skin freak out to the point where it will fear that it has lost too much oil and begin to over produce leading to yet more oily skin. Stop over washing or using products with a high alcohol concentrations as alcohol is a known drying agent. Tip: Alcohol often hides in products with synthetic fragrances. Also, steer clear of products that use things like sodium laureth sulfate aka SLS as these create lots of pretty suds yes, but they are chemically killing your natural moisture. 

2) Use products with oils like Jojoba Oil, it is very similar to our skin's own natural oil which means it can help compliment your complexion without making you oily. Using the right oils for your skin type will signal your skin that it has enough and will balance out the oil your skin produces. So yes, you may have oily skin but that doesn't mean oils aren't for you and even oil cleansing, which is the method of using natural oils to wash your face, may help! 

3) Change up your skincare routine! Please, pleaseeeee update your skincare products. I know we are all loyal to our favorite products but what worked for you 5 years ago or even last year may not work for you now. As your body changes so does your skin so things like pregnancy, diets and overall just aging require you to review and revise the products you are using to make sure they are fitting your skin's current needs. 

So seriously, no need to fear oil. Oil is king in skincare and actually, having oily skin will ultimately be to your benefit as it tends to age better and wrinkle less. Now go cover your life in Rose Face Serum and For the Glow, you're welcome! 

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