Soap Sampler
Soap Sampler

Soap Sampler

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Afraid of commitment? Sometimes so are we! Try 5 of our best selling soaps all with different essential oils like Lemon and Tea Tree as well as different additives like activated charcoal and Lavender.

Soap Sampler set includes 5 of the 7 soaps listed:

- Rosemary Lemongrass with ground tea leaves
- Lavender with Lavender seeds

- Geranium with Pink Salt
- Peppermint with Shredded Loofah
- Spearmint Ground Pumice 
- Activated Charcoal with Tea Tree


These little soaps are perfect for travel, your gym bag or just because! It's the perfect purchase for anyone who loves to try new things.

All UnTamed Soaps are made with a blend of oils and vegetable derived moisturizers and proteins. All soaps are scented with only %100 Pure Essential Oils. UnTamed Natural Care does not make any medical claims. If you have any questions please contact us!


¿Teme el compromiso? ¡A veces también somos nosotros! Pruebe 5 de nuestros jabones más vendidos, todos con diferentes aceites esenciales como el limón y el árbol de té, así como diferentes aditivos como el carbón activado y la lavanda. 

Este set incluye 5 mini jabones y viene en una bolsa de algodón que puede rehusar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Have to try it!

I decided on the sampler set because I wanted to try out a few of the soaps and I wasn’t let down! I love the smell of all the soap bars I definitely get aroma therapy vibes when I use them! For that reason my personal favorite has to be the lavender soap it’s super calming and relaxing once you use it because it releases a nice subtle lavender scent :) If you’re unsure of which bar to buy I highly recommend getting the sampler!

Travel buddy

Great choice, if you want to give all of these amazing bar soaps a try. Though, I am a continued customer when it comes to purchasing these bar soaps, I decided to buy the sampler, mainly to take it with me on trips. The size of them is just right, they fit anywhere! And the best part is that even though they are tiny, they are super durable. You will be surprised as to how long they last! The reusable bag is also the icing on the cake, super cute!

Great for indecisiveness

I purchased the lemongrass soap in the past for myself and my mom and we loved it, I'm so happy it was in my sample pack because I couldn't decide whether to buy another lemongrass or try something new. Really happy with the selection, got to try the pumpkin spice one which was awesome and I really loved the lavender one. Will buy again as a gift for the holidays.

Perfect for trying

I didn’t know which soap to buy at first since I’ve never heard of this brand so I got this little sampler. It’s cute in its own little bag and everything. I’ll be purchasing my favorites from the ones I tried

My kid loves these

Momma uses the big bar and baby girl uses these. She's 4 and It's adorable because she's all about her soaps come shower time. I like them because I know they are safe and have clean ingredients plus you can't go wrong with the price.