Lavender with Lavender Seeds

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Warning, your shower may smell like your'rewalking through a garden, soaps may make you want to shower more often.

This Lavender with Lavender seeds bar is a face and body bar, one side is intentionally made with more exfoliants than the other to provide you with two levels of roughness. One side is gentle enough for your face and the other is rough enough to scrub and exfoliate your body.

All UnTamed Soaps are made with a blend of oils and vegetable derived moisturizers and proteins. All soaps are scented with only %100 Pure Essential Oils.


UnTamed Naturals does not make any medical claims. Please read ingredients before using. Always store natural products in a cool and dry place.


Este jabón de lavanda con semillas de lavanda es una barra de cara y cuerpo, un lado está fabricado intencionalmente con más exfoliantes que el otro para proporcionarle dos niveles de rugosidad. Un lado es lo suficientemente suave para su cara y el otro es lo suficientemente áspero para fregar y exfoliar su cuerpo.


Huele riquísimo y relajo los sentidos. 

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Sally Pizano
Lavender Blissss

So pretty and purple. So soothing and soapy. You cannot go wrong with this bar soap! It has all the goods we look for in bar soaps. You have a little of both worlds when using the exfoliating side. It makes my skin feel so soft and calm. This soap will definitely have your shower smelling like a lavender garden, absolutely stunning!

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