Mask Trio Set, Green Clay, Detox and Honey Turmeric
Mask Trio Set, Green Clay, Detox and Honey Turmeric
Mask Trio Set, Green Clay, Detox and Honey Turmeric

Mask Trio Set, Green Clay, Detox and Honey Turmeric

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Are you a masking fanatic or do you know one? Grab our Mask Sampler and treat your skin to all 3 of our natural face masks.

Set includes:

2oz Honey Turmeric Mask

2oz Activated Charcoal Detox Mask

2oz Green Clay and Moringa Mask

- Use only a clean utensil or clean fingertips to apply masks. 

UnTamed Naturals does not make any medical claims. Always Store natural products in cool and dry places. Avoid getting water into product as it can reduce shelf life.


Hazte de nuestro set de mascarillas y trata tu piel con las 3 mascarillas naturales.

El conjunto incluye:

2oz Máscarilla de Cúrcuma y Miel 

2oz Máscarilla para desintoxicación con activada de carbón

2oz Máscarilla para tonificar con arcilla verde y Moringa

- Utilice sólo un utensilio limpio o una punta de los dedos limpia para aplicar las máscaras.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The best mask trio!

This is seriously such a good deal, 3 masks at an affordable price! Definitely a must have! I love that I got this trio because I love multi-masking (where you use multiple masks on different areas on your face) It's great if you may have problematic blemishes in one area, dry skin on the other, maybe normal to oily in other areas, if you haven't multi-masked before try it you'll love it. Each of these masks serve their purpose so well!

Michele Esquibel
Love them!

These masks do exactly what it says they do! I love them!

New to Masks and in love

I just started taking better care of my skin and using natural products but had never really masked before and now i am hooked. I am so happy to have this mask trio, the detox mask is strong and it does leave my skin a little pink after using but i read that happens with clay. I alternate using each mask every couple of days and my skin looks so good.

Yesenia Mendez

Love the trio!! Is the best mask I have ever try. Especially having sensitive skin I see the results. It don’t burn it feels soft and smooth. Will definitely buy it again.

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